Consultation Slides

Consultation Slides - September 2016

These slides provide an outline of the aims, review team, deliverables, approach, timescales and draft terms of reference. The slides will be / were used during the consultation meeting in September 2016.  Download

Consultation Slides - November 2016

These slides provide the final terms of reference.

The slides were used during the consultation meetings in November 2016  Download

Consultation Slides

Consultation Slides for the March 02 2017 presentation in Oakville may be download from the Toronto Airspace Review Site

GTAA Annual Meeting

Mr. Slatter attended the Annual General Meeting  on May 11 2016 where he stated that the GTAA and their Board could be doing more to address the concerns of the residents in the areas affected by the air traffic into and out of Toronto Pearson.   Read letter to  GTAA Board

On July 4 2016. Ms. H. Marshall, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations and Communications replied for the GTAA. Read the GTAA Response to the above letter

On July 14, 2016, Mr. Slatter replied to Ms. Marshall, noting that the response did not address the main point which was the lack of action to support the concerns of the residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in matters concerning the air navigation services provider Read Mr. Slatter's response



The recent news update consists of a RANGO letter to the Minister of Transport expressing the need for restructing of NAV Canada

 Much of the potentially positive developments that are recorded in recent news is attributed to the technical expertise in the aviation field and the dedication of the two individuals named above.  GTAA residents say thank you for your efforts

Also we must acknowledge the efforts of the Toronto Group T.A.N.G. who shared information and were also persistent in drawing attention to the negative impacts of the changes made in Toronto Airspace by NAV Canada.

Richard Slatter

David Inch



Archived News 2016 - 2018 

R.A.N.G.O - Residents' Air Noise Group of Oakville

 RANGO May News Letter

A summary of developments is available in this newsletter.  Read News Letter


 RANGO Letter to Minister of Transport -  June 17 2017

The theme of the letter is summarized as follows

We think that there should be a complete review of the progress, activities and governance of NAV CANADA,

Download the letter


Toronto Airspace Review

Nav Canada advises RANGO that it will contract an outside party to review the Toronto Airspace Design.  If this outside party is truly independent of NAV Canada, there could be improvements in noise reductions, especially in mid town Toronto and North Oakville.  Read NAV Canada's letter announcing the outside party

Mr. Slatter writes to NAV Canada expressing appreciation to NAV Canada for the above initiative but expresses caution on whether the outside party will truly be able to work independently.  Read Mr. Slatter's response to NAV Canada

 RANGO Match 28 2017 News Letter

The newsletter provides a summary of the March 02 Helios presentation in Oakville and outline potential benefits that could arise from the recommendations.  The newsletter acknowledges the disappointment of residents over certain consideratin.   Read News Letter